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The services Science Business Support can provide to you are:

  • Practical realization of your ideas in silicon in a cleanroom
  • Preparation of a flowchart to realize your ideas in silicon using semiconductor technology (depositions, lithography, etching, bonding, etc.)
  • Identification of bottlenecks in the flowchart and practical advice and experimental verification on how to overcome these bottlenecks
  • Incorporation of quality:
    • The flowchart will be made as robust as possible from the start by using proven process blocks resulting in more controllable and therefore more reliable flowcharts
    • These more reliable flowcharts will make the production process more controllable
  • Suggestions for improvement of existing flowcharts, for example:
    • Selection of an alternative, more suited material
    • Addition of new features
    The consequences of these suggestions for the process and the quality, will be taken into account from the start onwards.
  • Advise on precautions for contamination issues
  • Documentation of improvements to guarantee quality
  • Assistance with the identification of manufacturers including technology transfer